Picking the right accessories Picking the right accessories Picking the right accessories

Picking the right accessories

Do you ever find yourself having trouble picking the right accessories? What watch should I wear? Can I wear my gold necklace with this shirt? Down below I’ll give you 5 tips on how to pick the right accessories every time.

Tip 1: Watch your colors

Last week I gave you 5 tips on how to combine different colors in your outfits. This is also important for picking the right accessories. When picking accessories to wear, try to use complimentary colors. Don’t try to match everything but choose a color that makes your outfit stand out. Try to create contrast in your outfit. Especially with accessories there are a lot of metallic colors. Colors like brown, red, orange and purple go together well with gold accessories. Colors such as grey, green, blue and pink go together well with silver colored accessories. Accessories with neutral colors are of course easier to match.

Tip 2: Size matters

Make sure the size of your accessories is in proportion to your body. For example, if you’re a skinny guy you shouldn’t be wearing big accessories. This will make your outfit look out of proportion. Therefore, make sure you pick your accessories in the sizes. Imagine a guy with short or skinny arms wearing a huge watch. This won’t look very fashionable. But this could also help when you’re picking shoes. If you are small but have big feet, I would recommend wearing mid-top shoes. The will add a little shape to your outfit but won’t make your legs look too short. If you have long legs you could wear a pair of high-top shoes. The high top shoes will make your legs look a little shorter and in proportion.

Tip 3: Your purpose

This might be one of the most important tips for picking the right accessories. What do you want to accomplish by wearing accessories. Do you want to add something to your outfit? Or do you want your accessories to get the attention? When you know what your goal is, you could start picking the right accessories. If you just want to add a little spice to your outfit but don’t want to stand out too much, I would recommend wearing subtle colors. Subtle colors could be black, white, grey, and brown. Using these colors in your accessories will keep it subtle but still adds on to your outfit. If you want your accessories to get the attention, you need to pick striking colors for your accessories. If you want your accessories to stand out I would also recommend wearing neutral colors in your clothes. For example, when you wear a black t-shirt and black jeans any striking color shoes will get all the attention. This also works with jewelry and other accessories such as hats.

Tip 4: Suitable for any occasion?

When picking accessories it’s also important to look at the situation your in. Are you going out or are you preparing for a job interview? Of course these situations are very different but it shows how important it is to look at the situation. Formal occasions demand for subtle and businesslike accessories, while casual occasions are perfect for bigger and more striking accessories. But there are also a lot of accessories that are great for multiple occasions. For example a watch or bracelet with a leather strap or a nice leather belt with a subtle pattern and buckle could be perfect for both occasions.

Tip 5: Matching accessories

Of course you shouldn’t be too matchy, but matching your accessories will create a fashionable look and will also make your accessories stand out. As long as you don’t overdo it and match your accessories the right way, you can’t go wrong. For example, if your watch has a black leather strap it would look great if you also wear a black leather bracelet. Or if you wear light brown shoes, you could wear you hat in the same color to draw attention to your outfit.

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