How do I combine colors in my outfit? How do I combine colors in my outfit?

How do I combine colors in my outfit?

Do you have a hard time trying to combine different colors in your outfits? Or are you just curious which color combinations are going to be in this year? Continue reading

Matching different colors in your outfit can be very difficult but it is a very important part of creating the perfect outfit. The right combinations can make your outfit pop while the wrong combinations can ruin your entire fit.

First I will give you 3 important tips on how to create the right color combinations

Tip 1: Use neutral colors
This tip might be the most important tip for combining colors. Use neutral colors such as black, white and grey. These colors go together perfectly with most colors. Even the brightest colors could be worn with black, white and grey. The neutral color will also make the other color stand out. You could for example wear a black shirt and combine it with a yellow jacket. Or you could wear an all black outfit and combine it with red shoes.

Tip 2: Don’t match every color
Of course not all colors go together very well. But there are some color combinations you should never use. You might think can wear black with every color, but that is a huge misunderstanding. There are 2 colors you should never wear with black. Those colors are dark blue (navy) and brown. Dark blue is too similar but at the same time too different from black to wear these colors together. Brown is also a color you can’t always combine with black. So watch out for this next time you’re matching clothes with black.

This is also the case with white and ecru. These colors are too similar but too different at the same time. If you wear these colors together it will look like you tried to wear the same color but failed at it.

Tip 3: Use the color wheel!
The color wheel can definitely help you picking the right color combinations. Try to combine colors close to each other in the color wheel. Because these colors are close to each other in the color wheel they have a soothing effect on the eye. You could also use colors opposite from each other in the color wheel. This will create contrast and makes you stand out.

Now I would like to give you 5 color combinations that are perfect for 2017

  1. Light blue and white
  2. Pink and white
  3. Purple and black
  4. Beige and white
  5. Black and maroon
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