Male Swimwear Trends 2017 Male Swimwear Trends 2017

Male Swimwear Trends 2017

Summer is coming and that means a lot of sun and weekends with friends on the beach and in the pool. The big question is; What are you going to wear? For women there’s an overload of swimwear but for years men’s swimwear has been undervalued. Luckily today there is a bigger variety of men’s swimwear. In this post I’ll make sure you are aware of the latest swimwear trends for summer 2017.

Surfer shorts

The most important thing to look at when buying swimwear is to make sure it suits your body type. The most worn swim shorts are the knee-length shorts. The knee-length shorts became popular thanks to surfers. Nowadays on the beach most guys will be wearing these swimming shorts. These knee-length shorts are perfect for tall guys as they prevent them from looking too long.

Short trunks

The shorter swimming trunks are definitely becoming a trend in 2017. The trunks are mid-length and therefore they are great for most body types. They look great on fit guys as well as chubbier guys. This type of swimwear will look the best on short guys because it’ll make them look longer. Because these trunks are shorter it’s even more important to make sure they fit well. It will look weird if they are too loose. So make sure you pick the right size.


Not a lot of guys dare to wear this type of swimwear. They definitely look great on muscular guys, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pull them off if you are skinnier. It’s more about the attitude than about the actual look. As long as you are confident while wearing them, you can pull off almost anything.

Prints and colors

After you picked your type of swimwear it’s time to look for a print or color. When picking a color make sure it goes together well with your skin color. If you are very pale I wouldn’t recommend wearing white swimming trunks. But prints and colors can also help you look better. For example, if you’re a heavier guy, I would recommend wearing swimming trunks without print or vertical stripes. This will look better for your body type.

Last year bright neon colors were very popular. I expect these bright summer colors will be all over the beaches. A newer print we are going to see a lot more this summer is camouflage. Camo swimming trunks will be coming in multiple different colors, so make sure you get yours to be ready for the summer!