How and when to wear shorts? How and when to wear shorts?

How and when to wear shorts?

Summer is just around the corner and temperatures are rising. This also means you’re going to start wearing different clothes. It’s getting too hot to wear regular jeans so you start looking for a pair of shorts. But what shorts are you going to wear? And how are you wearing them? In this post you’ll find tips on how to wear your shorts this summer.

When to wear shorts?
Shorts are the perfect to wear casually while hanging at the pool, shopping in the city or on holiday. Whenever it’s too hot for a pair of jeans, shorts are a great solution. Shorts come in different styles, fits and colors. Therefore the perfect shorts for you definitely exist.

Not everybody is as tall as a basketball player and not everybody is as fit as your favorite athlete. Therefore not all short will look good on everybody. Luckily shorts come in different fits. What fit looks best on you depends on the shape of your body.

• If you are tall you have to check how short the shorts actually are. In my previous post in mentioned this as well. If you are a tall guy you shouldn’t wear very short shorts. Because they will make you look even taller and a little out of proportion. The perfect shorts for you will be just above the knee.

• If you are a short guy it’s exactly the opposite. It would be great for you to wear short shorts, as they will make you look taller. You should watch out for short that are too long. Long shorts will make you look even shorter than you already are. It’s also an option to roll up your shorts if they are too long for your body type. This way you can still wear the shorts you like.

• It doesn’t matter if you’re a skinny or a chubbier guy. Shorts are for everyone! The only thing you have to keep in mind is; Get the right size! If your shorts are too baggy it will make you look even chubbier. But shorts that are too slim are also not a great look. The best tip I can give you is; Find your perfect size.

Color, print, pattern
When wearing shorts, most guys go for a subtle look by wearing black, white, grey, or khaki colored shorts. However, shorts are great to make you stand out. Because they are usually worn in the summer, you could also wear bright summerlike colors. Or even prints and patterns such as camouflage would be great for your outfit. As long as you combine your shorts well it can be almost any color.

The outfit
Shorts could be combined with a lot of clothes. When wearing shorts you could wear a t-shirt, polo, long sleeve t-shirt and even a dress shirt. Shorts will look best when wearing low top shoes even though the right high tops can also finish your outfit. When picking an outfit with shorts the most important thing is to combine the right colors. Do you want to know how to pick the right colors? Read my post “How do I combine colors in my outfit?”.