5 Different Jeans Fits For Men

5 Different Jeans Fits For Men

Do you also have a hard time finding the right pair of jeans for your body type? Or maybe you are just curious to see what different fits are available for men. Below you’ll find 5 different jeans fits for men and the body type that fits best with these jeans.

Skinny fit

The skinny fit is the narrowest fit of the 5. Therefore they’re tight from thigh through the leg opening. Skinny jeans have become very popular over the past few years and are one of the most worn fits. Skinny fits are usually made from denim with an elastic material
Skinny jeans are the best fit for skinnier men just as slim fit jeans. They could be worn casually as well as to formal occasions.

Slim fit

The slim fit is also a narrower fit. Although it’s not as tight as a skinny fit. A slim fit is straight through the hip and has a narrow leg opening. Skinny fits are not always made from an elastic material.
Slim fit jeans fit and look best on men with a slim figure. They could be worn in many different ways and to different occasions.

Tapered Fit

A tapered fit is a combination of a regular fit and a slim fit. A tapered fit is a little loose at the thighs and gets narrower towards the ankles. It provides a lot of comfort and creates a fashionable look at the same time.
A tapered fit is great for men with bigger or muscular thighs as these jeans offer a lot of room for your thighs. It looks better on taller guys because these jeans usually make your legs look shorter.

Regular fit

Regular fit jeans are straight from the hip through the leg opening. They offer more room, which makes these jeans more comfortable than the fits we’ve talked about above.
Regular fit jeans are perfect for multiple different body types. For example, it is great for men with a regular body type but also for men with bigger or muscular thighs. However, I wouldn’t recommend these jeans to skinnier guys because it will give them a messy look.

Loose Fit

Loose fit jeans are a baggy fit. They are the baggiest of these 5 fits. The biggest difference of this fit compared to the others, is the fact that the leg openings are wider on these jeans. Therefore they provide a lot of space in the thighs and legs. These jeans were originally designed for wearing over boots or bigger shoes. The loose fit could be worn by a lot of body types.